How to see someones hidden friends on faceBook

I know you clicked above link because you are too much curious too know about this trick. Afterall Facebook doesn't allow to see hidden friend list of any user or no more applications are there in web for this. But here I am going to guide you about this trick and its working too. 

You can call this trick as a deep thinking trick because here in this tutorial, we need only one weapon which called BRAIN. We don't need any third party software or any facebook application to view hidden friend list.

Let's Proceed To Deep Thinking Trick :D

  • First of all make one fake id.
  • Add that guy or girl to your new account.
  • Now wait for his/her confirmation.
  • When he/she accepts your friend request ( hopefully he/she can :p ), then you are having only one friend in your friend list.
  • Now goto find friend tab or simply Click Here .
  • Now as per Facebook algorithm, Facebook suggest you those peoples who are already in friend list of your friend .
  • HaHaHa You Did It :D
↓↓ Demo Look Of Facebok Friend Finder Suggestions ↓↓

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