Hack Prices of Products of Online Stores

How to Change Prices of Online Products? (Introduction to Burp Proxy)

Burp Proxy is a tool which is a part of the set of tools integrated in Burp Suit and is used to intercept the traffic between the browser and the target application. This is used to perform a kind of man in the middle attack.


1. Download the Burpsuite from here.

2. Open the tool and go to the proxy tab and in "options" column make sure "running" and "loopback only" are checked.

3. Now go to the target site and decide the item with whose price you want to play and add that item to your cart.

4. Now go to proxy setting of mozilla (mozilla should be you default browser if you are a techie) and make sure you have following setting.

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  1. can i buy it at cost i want...if i change to 100rs then i have to pay 100rs only or i have to pay original cost when i pay from credit card or cod....have u try it anytime?