Whatsapp launches Voice call feature. For all supported Devices.

WhatsApp, the revolutionary chatting app has launched " Voice Messaging " a new feature that will let users to record and send audio files with one tap on their smartphones. 

An official of WhatsApp quoted earlier that " We are releasing voice messages on all of our platforms simultaneously . We worked very hard to make sure that iPhone and Android devices have perfectly working voice messages functionality, and we put extra effort into making sure that Blackberry, Nokia & Windows phone users can also enjoy the same rich and powerful voice message experience ".

How To Use this new Feature :

  • For Android, iPhone & Windows : Users will see a microphone icon right next to the box where they type. For recording a messege just hold that icon till you are finished talking and then releasing it will automatically send your message. For cancelling it just slide your hand on the microphone icon.

  • For Blackberry Devices : Blackberry devices with older versions having keyboard, they just need to press the space bar. Press the end call button for cancelling a message.

  • For Nokia Symbian Devices : Nokia Symbian users hold the centre button to record the message. Leaving these button will automatically send the message to recipient. Press the end call button for cancelling a message.
When the Microphone icon next to the message turns Blue it means the message has been listened or heard.

So update your WhatsApp Messenger now and enjoy this new feature.

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