how to edit host file to unblock a site

You can edit host file for various reasons like to Unblock or Block website

To edit host file

  • Right Click on Notepad and click on run as administrator.

  • Go to "file" and click on "Open" inside notepad.
  • After open file window displayed of notepad go to c drive ( Operating system ) drive => Windows =>System 32 => Drivers => Etc.

  • Now click on text document near file name and click on all files.
  • After you clicked on all files host file will be displayed.
  • double click on host file.
  • To Block site add on the bottom of host file site name  which you want to block
    for eg and go to file and click on save or press ctrl key +s

  • To unblock site remove url of website which u want to unblock and go to file and click on save or press ctrl key +s.

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