How to use a website which is blocked

Nowadays lots of sites are blocked in schools, collages, work, cyber cafes and at other places. So i thought of  teaching u some methods which you can use to unblock website.

1. Using Proxy Sites:
You can use proxy sites to unblock website. Proxy site allows you to visit website with different IP (Internet protocol) address and help us to view Blocked Website.

2. Changing DNS Server:
You can change Domain Name System (DNS) and use google or open DNS address to unblock website. 
Open DNS address are for Prefered DNS Server and for Alternate DNS Server
Google DNS address are for Prefered DNS Server and for Alternate DNS Server

To view tutorial on how to change DNS address
click on → Changing DNS Address.

3. Using IP instead of URL:
Sometimes blocked websites are stored as URL for eg. and using IP of website instead of URL might work.
To find out IP of Website go to command prompt and type ping website name like ping and hit enter and the IP of the site will be shown to you in command prompt

4. Redirecting using URL Shortner:
You can use URL shortening websites to shorten URL of website which is blocked to unblock site. Some URL shortening services are:- ,, moourl, snipurl.

5. Using Translation Services:
You can use translation services like Google Translate to unblock site. To do you just have to open google translate and put url of website and change language and it displays translated result on there own webpage.

6. Using VPN :
Virtual Private Network (VPN) softwares allows us more anonymity then proxy websites as they encrypt data transfered by blocked websites. There are lots of free VPN softwares likehotspotsheild available on internet which u can use to unblock sites.

7. IP Hiding Softwares :
Sometimes particular IP is blocked from viewing website. In such cases you can use free IP Hiding Softwares like Ultrasoft to unblock site.

8. Editing Host File :
Sometimes malware and website blocking softwares edit host files and website address to prevent you from visiting that site. In such case you can edit host file and remove that website.

To view tutorial on how to edit host file

9. TOR:
The Onion Router (TOR) software protect privacy and security of its users as it channels data through multiple nodes. It is the most effective way to unblock website but browsing from TOR (The Onion Router) is bit slow.

10. Google Cache:
Google cache is basically a backup of website that Google have archived. To use Google cache go to and in search box type cache:website name.
for example: cache:

1. ToolbarsAddonsExtensions :
 You can use such toolbar, addons or extensions in your browser which have enable and disable online anonymity feature.
You can get Mozilla Firefox addons at
You can get Google Chrome Extensions at

12. Restart Your Modem:
Restarting modem might work if your IP is blocked by firewall. So when you off your modem and start it again it will assign new IP address if Internet Service Provider have assigned Dynamic IP address and you will be able to view website. Unless that IP is Blocked as well.

13. Google Mobile Search:
Google Mobile Search  act as a proxy. It removes all JavaScript and displays webpage to its user from it's own server. So website blocking software feels that you are using Google, Whereas in reality, you are viewing blocked website.

To Unblock Website Just add to the url of blocked website. For example if this blog is blocked you can view it by adding to its URL. 

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