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Kleeja - a image hosting script 
is available for download
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1. extract files
2. upload via ftp
3. go to your website`s install directory from browser ( )
4. create a database & enter all details in your website!
5. after installation delete install folder
6. go to main page (

now upload a image and get html code, thumbnail code, forum code , direct image code , etc.

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  1. Free Recharge of 500 rupees in 20min !!!! (root required + only indian user )


    1. Android phone
    2. titanium backup (you can download it drom playstore or google)

    step 1: Go to
    Step 2: login with your playstore id
    Step 3: after installing this game go to uppr right yellow mark n enter your mobile number
    step 4: enter amount 10 n choose you mobile courier redeem it.
    step 5: after recharging it. open titanium backup n go to setting and manage android it .
    step 6: generate a random id n reboot your android.
    step 7: open game again n tap on yellow mark redeem after entering your mobile number enter 20 rupees n recharge it.

    follow steps 5 to 7 again n after 7th times you will have amount rupees 500 redeem it.....

    enjoy :)

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