how to make a blogger like site with hosting! free

So first go to : Free Hosting Website (use this )

Enter the domain  click proceed (shown below )



Download Filezilla (search Google)

now delete all the files which is pre-uploaded

Now you have go to a website called :- (click to open)

and download the script from the Right side by clicking Download wordpress

so after downloading it open the .zip file

open the folder in it 
THE PLACE WHERE YOU FIND WP-admin , WP-content , etc. is the main place
so drag all of them to Filezilla 
*let it upload all files , when the queue = empty then the uploading is meant to be finished  ,  and while uploading all files if you see a message called :- The File Already exists 
then select owerrite ! 


so after uploading open Browser 

then enter you url which you register in first step!

then you will see : wordpress error

Then click :  create configuration file

then go to the site from which you make your site : if you make from the site which is in the first step ,only then click here

then enter the site you maked from this site : eg.
Now you will be logged in to the site Click Create DB 
now you will see a number named as username and db name 
Copy it!


come back to wordpress configuration 

you will see some textfeilds
in Username text feild paste the number which you copied 
in db name text field paste the same number 
in host field : localhost
in password the password used on FREEWEBHOSTINGAREA (which i provided in first step)

click next , or whatever is there 
then it will ask site name , etc.. 
you can fill yourself its very easy!! 

DONE !! 


i will post video after 2-3 days (10 or 11 dec.)


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