10 Android Apps For Bloggers [Must Read]

Blogging with Android
Android has become an important mobile operating system on the planet. Developing a website and disregarding the Android system is no longer a viable option. Web developers employ special online services (paid services, mind you) to make their websites compatible with mobile platforms like Android and iOS.
Thousands of bloggers blog right from their mobile devices, and they either blog directly from the blogging platform’s website or use an app to do the job. In this article, we have a number of blogging and related apps that will be highly useful when you blog from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Android Apps For Blogging

1. Blogger

Google’s Blogger is undeniably the most popular of all free blogging platforms out there. It has an Android app, available to download from the Google Play store. The app is powerful and provides you with all the necessary blogging services that Blogger desktop edition provides. This app is perfect if you own a Blogger blog. Check out the screenshot.

2. WordPress

If you are running a professional blog, WordPress might be your primary choice, of course. You may have your own domain name, hosting account, and a WordPress installation. In such cases, download the WordPress app to your Android device and blog right from there. Outside the realm of free blogs, WordPress is the CMS of choice. The app is powerful, and it can help you create and edit posts, manage comments, view statistics, etc.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a great blogging platform. It is successful due to its similarity to a social media site. You can easily post content on Tumblr as well as share content from other sites. There is a Tumblr Android app that you should check out. It is free and quite as powerful as the desktop edition. You can post articles, share pictures and videos, follow people, etc., through this app.

4. Writer

Composing content from within your smartphone has been pretty difficult for years. Although today, we have huge smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy Mega, LG G2, etc., it is still difficult to write content within them. An app called Writer is a perfect word processor for this purpose. It gives you a distraction-free interface wherein you can type your content and be ready to publish it. Writer is a full-fledged word processor with the necessary formatting options.

5. Swiftkey Keyboard

Do you find the keyboard that you get on your Android device quite a bit difficult to use? If so, this keyboard app is for you. Swiftkey is a powerful swipe keyboard that can replace your regular Android keyboard. It is capable of learning your typing habits during the use. It will be able to predict the next word before you start typing. It is also multilingual. Due to these reasons, installing Swiftkey may help you greatly in reducing the time it takes to create a blog post.

6. Disqus

On all of my websites, I prefer to use Disqus comments, for several reasons. If you prefer this commenting system, you may be thrilled to know that it comes as an Android app. You can view your comments, reply to them, modify them, moderate them, etc., through the Android app itself. It is quite useful if you are using Disqus on your blog.

7. BeyondPod

Many bloggers are broadcasters who also publish audio posts or podcasts. BeyondPod is an app that helps you discover such podcasts and subscribe to them.BeyondPod also supports video posts.

8. Pocket

Pocket is a service that lets you sync the content you want to read later to your smartphone. This app is one of the most popular out there, and it helps you discover the content that you may want to view later. You can use Pocket to download any type of content, articles, audio, video, etc. In many ways, it is quite a bit like a modern RSS reader. It will help you greatly in your research for blog posts.

9. Evernote

Evernote is another powerful researching app for your blog posts. It helps you create rich notes with text, videos, images, to-do lists, etc. It helps you sync these notes with any device you have. Evernote has quickly become one of the most powerful and popular apps for all mobile operating systems. It is available for Android as well as iOS.

10. Photo Editor

Photo Editor for Android helps you in editing the images you post on your blog posts. It helps you in changing various attributes of the image, such as the color, effects, etc. It can crop and resize photos and add various effects to them. Here’s a screenshot.
photo editor

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