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In this tutorial we will get  you a free name domain for your blogger blog. The process is simple and easy. Blogger has the feature to add custom domain. But the problem is you can only setup a blogger blog only using CNAME. Most of the free domain providers only allow Name Server setup. Name Servers are used to setup self hosted website, blog or cms like wordpress etc. But there is a awesome free domain provider which lets you free domain for your blogger blog and tumblr blogs.

There are alot of site which say "we are gonna provide free domain names", but beware there are more scams then legit free domain providers. This free domains are also know has subdomains. Most the subdomains are marked as spam by google. But there some free domian providers which are not marked spam by google. Because this free domain provide have restricted spamming features. Which makes us very happy.

So lets grab the free domain for our blogger blog. We can get 2 free domains from an account. But this free domains are not taken as TLD. Which means its not taken as  .com, .net, .org. But this free domain is taken as the subdomains of ccTLD. If you don't know this you can skips this (Added this para only for SEO values ;p).

Now follow up the article to successfully setup a free domain name for our blogger blog. This will take a little time, but its very simple. Note to exchange the referred free domains, with your free domain and also note to exchange with your So lets get started

How to Get a Free Domain Name for Blogger

  • Go to CODOTVU[Click Here]
  • Create a new account there if you don't have any accounts there. Its free
  • Now register a new domain name which you are going to use for you Blogger blog
  • After you have register a new domain. click on "My Domain" tab
  • Now select the free domain which you registered for your blogger blog and click "Configure"
  • Now log in to your blogger dashboard and go to settings of the blog, of which you want a custom domain
  • Click "Edit" from publishing

  • Then click on "switch to advanced settings"

  • Enter in the url of the free domain you have registered. example ( (Note: Make sure you enter "www" in the url)
  • Now you will be asked to verify the authority of the domain.

  • Now copy the "Name" and "Point To"
  • Go to ""
  • Now copy the "Name" and "Point To" and paste it in the input field as shown below

  • Click "Create Verification CNAME"
  • Go back to Blogger and click the "Save". this will take some time
  • Now the blog will redirect to
  • We we need to redirect visitors visiting us without www to
  • To do this. go to blogger settings > publishing and click edit
  • Check the box that says "Redirect to".
  • Now click the save button
  • Congratulation we have successfully completed the task
    Enjoy with the Domain and thanks for visiting FWS Tricks
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    Thanks For Your Support

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