How to make images unclickable and un-draggable in Blogger

If you are running a Blogger blog then you will know that all your media files are hosted in Google’s server that is in Picasa. In Blogger you are always limited and for media files you will get a free storage space of 1 GB which is more than enough. Since Blogger is free people never care about optimizing their images, they simply upload huge image files to the server which eventually slow downs the site. For the purpose of SEO and to preserve the server space and image bandwidth it is must that you optimize all your images before uploading.
What will you do if you run out of free space in feature, probably you will start to host your images in sites like photo bucket, Flickr, Image Shack etc. You will host in third party image servers and call it to your site. In Blogger Whenever you add an image in to your post or page whether by uploading or calling straight from the URL, you don’t have the option to unlink the image.How to unlink blogger images, make images unclickable and undraggableSo you simply add it in your post and you publish it, but without your knowledge that image sends some link juice to the site where you linked that image from. Here let’s see how to unlink an image.

How to make images unclickable and undraggable in Blogger

As normally you can notice that all your images are clickable and draggable. On clicking it the image gets enlarged and if you wish to disable it then here is how you do it.
How to make images unclickable and undraggable in Blogger - link unlink images
After inserting the image using compose mode click on that image and you can see that the link option will be highlighted. To make the image unclickable just unlink it and if you would like to link the image to some other URL then click on the link option and then add the URL. You will also have options like making the image link nofollow and opening the image link in new tab, enable it if you want.
How to link and unlink blogger images, make image unclickable and undraggable
You have un-linked the image and the image is now unclickable, so how to make it un-draggable. To make the image un-draggable switch to HTML editor and add draggable=”false” in to your image tag just like you see below.
<img draggable=”false” border=”0″ src=”” height=”240″ width=”320″ />

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