FIFA World Cup 2014 Xperia Theme Leaked [Get for your android phone]

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil Sony is one of the main sponsors of the FIFA Brazil World Cup this year, and the Japanese giant, in order to celebrate this it will release an FIFA Brazil World Cup 2014 Xperia Theme.

Maybe you notice an FIFA World Cup Brasil logo on your Sony Xperia phone if you bought one in the last months.
The official theme is supposed to be available in the Google Play Store, however, the theme leak lately, and you can download it from here. It will run on Sony Xperia handsets operating Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and higher, for the two rooted and non-rooted devices.
FIFA Brazil World Cup 2014 Xperia Theme is the second official Xperia theme from Sony after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xperia Theme.
Xperia Theme FIFA gives the FIFA World Cup appearances with green and yellow colors as the principal color of the theme UI as we noticed in many FIFA World Cup styled accessories from Sony as SRS-BTV5 wireless speakers FIFA and SBH20 Bluetooth headset FIFA editions.

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