How To : Install WhatsApp app on your Tablet

Install WhatsApp app on your Tablet

whatsapp foa any androit tabletOne of the most popular applications on Android world, WhatsApp has been designed for smartphones only, and if you have a tablet based on Android OS is a bit difficult to install the application on it.
During this present guide,  we will show you how to install WhatsApp application on your tablet based on Android OS.
We have two methods to install WhatsApp application on your tablet, one of the methods requires from user to verify WhatsApp with the user’s phone number, this method will allows you to use the application on your tablet device, but you won’t be able to use the WhatsApp with the phone number used on another device. But here, during the tutorial you can install an app that will allow you to send and receive SMS messages on another phone number so that will allow you to activate WhatsApp application on your Tablet based on Android OS.
As I said before the WhatsApp application doesn’t work on two devices which have the same phone number.

How to install WhatsApp application on a tablet based on Android OS by using your own phone number.

  • This method isn’t so difficult, but the disadvantage is that you cannot use the WhatsApp application with your phone number on another device. If this thing does not bother you then you can use it; otherwise you can use the second step by step guide from below.
  • First, download the WhatsApp apk application from here or from here. [With this link you can get latest Whatsapp!] (It’s is the official APK file, so you don’t worry about malware, it is safe).
  • Once the download process is done you need go to the Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources on your Android tablet. In the other case,  the tablet won’t allow you to install the application.
  •  After you check the settings options go to the Downloads and from there install the WhatsApp application.
  • After the Whatsapp application is successfully installed, you need go back to the Settings>Security and from there uncheck Unknown Sources to prevent the applications download from outside to the Google Play Store to be installed on your tablet.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp application and when the application asks your phone number to verify it you should enter a phone number from your phone. After you’ll receive an SMS with one confirmation code, go and enter this code into the application. Now, you can use the WhatsApp application directly from your tablet based on Android OS.
  • Note: If the phone number used for verifying the activation code for WhatsApp application is used on another device, the application will stop to work on your tablet.

How to install the WhatsApp application on your tablet with textPlus

  • If there isn’t a spare phone number to be used to activate the WhatsApp application on your tablet, then you can use an application to do this, the application is named textPlus.
  • The downside is your friends won’t have you in their contact list, being an unknown phone number, so you will have to let them know this is you.
  • Firstly, download the WhatsApp APK application from here. [ Latest!]
  • Enable the Unknown Sources from Settings > Security on the Android Tablet where you want to install the application.
  • Now go to the Downloads and from there install the WhatsApp application.
  • Once the WhatsApp application is installed go back to Settings menu and disable the Unknown sources.
  • Now, from Google Play Store you should to download and install the textPlus application (download link). The textPlus application allows users to send and receive SMS for free.
  • Once the textPlus application is successfully installed you need to send an SMS to your own phone number to find out the allocated number of textPlus application for you.
  •  After that,  you should launch the WhatsApp application and enter the allocated phone number that the textPlus application gave you.
  • Now, wait for the verification code to be sent on the textPlus application and enter it into WhatsApp application.
  • Now, the WhatsApp application can be used with your tablet and the new phone number.
Please, let us know if you’ve successfully installed the WhatsApp application on your tablet by using our comments section from below.

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