Ubuntu For Allwinner a10

Keep in mind that:
- its experimental; 
- not for daily use;
- only for developers;
- dont try install it if you have no skills at least in working with adb;
- you have to do a nandroid before installing;
- dont blame anyone for broken device 

How to install:
1. Install twrp/cwm recovery.
2. Make factory reset.
3. Install the device specific part for Ubutnu. http://yadi.sk/d/S0wOnl4C6qS-e
4. Install compatability for my cm-10.1 or CarbonRom
5. Install the generic Ubuntu part. http://yadi.sk/d/ckaSU3Dd6ogzV
5. Reboot
6. wait ~1-2min after kernel logo(ubuntu doesn't have bootanimation and you see black screen)
7. if your display 1024x768 reboot to recovery and flash Attached File  Click Here To download
8.enjoy or not :lol: :D

Sources: https://github.com/u...ouch_device_907

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